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The Hope of Easter

EASTER has always brought HOPE to many. In the recent turn of events of the unfortunate loss of aircrafts, the killings of innocent lives by extremists, the abuse and torture of ‘refugee’ migrants, the loss of properties and business in the flood, and the trauma and suffering under unjust regimes and political leaders, it is extremely difficult to convey the message of HOPE to these victims and their families. Nonetheless, lives must go on and the message of HOPE must be ushered.

In the first Good Friday, there seemed NO HOPE when the disciples saw their master, Jesus, was crucified and buried. When Easter came, there was JOY and HOPE when the news of their risen master but it was short lived. They were told to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit at their special Pentecost. They were in fear and trembling and locking themselves at an upper room waiting and praying.

The first light broke through the dawn, like the walk in the long dark tunnel has met with the glimpse of light. Suddenly the disciples were filled with courage, joy and HOPE when the saw the work of the Holy Spirit upon the 3,000 converts at the preaching of Apostle Peter. Their HOPE was transformed from a verbal hope of resurrection and power to a visual, tangible and experiential hope. This is not the end.

This transformed living HOPE will need to continue to grow and be perfected with the patience of FAITH and the labour of LOVE in Christ Jesus our Lord, as encouraged by the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians. The early church faced much the same atrocities like many in the present unfortunate situations. It was their LOVE, FAITH and HOPE that kept them in Jesus Christ from generations to generations.

Without sacrificial LOVE, there is no true HOPE; without genuine FAITH, there is no living HOPE. 

Bishop Ng Moon Hing
Feb 2015


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