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R.E.A.C.H - Myanmar and Sichuan Relief Work
(Relief, Emergency and Crisis Help)
Myanmar Relief: The first team of two people have visited and brought in cash, medicine, blankets etc into Myanmar one week after the cyclone Nargis disaster from 12 - 16 May 2008. The report from the first team was pictured with lots of destruction and the terrible state of affairs in Myanmar. The second team was prepared to launch in June from 16 - 23 June 2008. They brought in a computer, cash and lots of medicine and blankets. They were stopped at the Airport custom for bringing in the medicine in such large amount without prior declaration. They went in with the intention to assist the Myanmar Christian people, not the victims, in Trauma Counselling, hygiene and multimedia. It is their hopes that they will in turn help the victims themselves.

As reported in the newspaper widely, foreigners are not allowed to go to the Delta region. The Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM) has set up a number of teams to go to the affected regions. Our teams are working with them from Yangon. We hope to send the third team in August.

For the next few teams, we only wish to send selected and appropriate people who has the relevant skills or knowledge in Trauma Counselling, Health, Diet, Computer Knowledge, Relief, Priest, etc.  

For those who are interested, please contact your Vicars/ Priest/Deaconess. We are still receiving donations for this relief work. 
Sichuan Relief: We have send some of your donations to the Amity Foundation (the counterpart of the United Bible Society). We are not sending any team into Sichuan for the moment. The reason being that the Chinese government can and has done a better job than us in the rescue work. We will do the rebuilding work later. This is a long process and tedious task so we shall look towards next year. We will still work with the Amity Foundation in the rebuilding work. We still will receive donations for the rebuilding work.
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