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The Youth Department of the Diocese of West Malaysia is managed by the Diocesan Youth Council (fondly known as DYC), which was established in 1982.  The Youth department consists of Junior Youth Fellowships, Youth Fellowships, Boys Brigades and Girls Brigade of the Anglican Church in West Malaysia.

Goals and Direction of DYC

1.    Connecting and establishing links - inter-church (within our diocese), inter-denominational (within CCM) and inter-dioceses (Provincial Youth Network / Lichfield / Myanmar).
2.    Build and nurture young people to work alongside our clergy and church leaders in developing and coordinating youth activities / programmes.

Role of Diocesan Youth Council (DYC)

1.    Link
  • To work alongside clergy to build, nurture and develop youth ministry in the diocese.
  • To encourage every church to work with their sister churches to share resource and other strategies.
  • To partner and collaborate with other denominations and dioceses in developing youth ministry in the respective areas.

2.    Over-all Drivers
  • To coordinate and ensure programmes planned by the youth department is filted down to Archdeaconries and implemented at diocesan level.

3.    Visionaries
  • To be far-sighted in recognizing and developing future leaders for youth work.
  • To be the think-tank of the youth ministry with our diocese.
  • To be the policy-makers about issues that relate to youth and youth development of our diocese.

4.    Expose, Encourage, Express
  • To be a platform to highlight issues relating to youth development and youth ministry in our diocese.
  • To encourage young people to look beyond the four walls of their church (building) in issues relating to youth development, church growth and the community they are a part of.
  • To encourage young people to express their views and stands (constructively) on issues relating to youth development and global issues today.

Role of Archdeaconry Youth Councils (AYC)

1.    Link
  • To establish contact with youth groups in churches in the respective Archdeaconries.

2.    Implementers
  • To implement policies and activities planned by DYC and AYC.

3.    Voice
  • To be the voice that channels issues and needs of the youths in churches in the archdeaconry.

4.    Encouragers
  • To provide support and encourage youth groups in the churches in the archdeaconry via training, exposure and sharing resource.


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