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Revised Lay Reader's Course



The office of the Reader or Lector was originally one of the minor orders of the Church. They were first mentioned in the third century. They were discontinued in the Anglican practice at the time of the Reformation but the office of Lay Reader in its present form was revived in 1866 by C. J. Elliot, Bishop of Gloucester.  The number of Readers increased not only in the Church of England but also throughout the Anglican Communion.

It is desire of the Diocese to “broadening the base of ministry” in the local churches and parishes. To that extent, the Diocese has formulated the roles of Evangelists, Deaconesses and Lay Pastors. The need now arises to revisit and revise the ministry of Lay Readers for effective growth of the church.

This revised Lay Readers Course is aware of the good work done in 1999 in producing the document  “Guidelines for the Ministry of Lay Readers”.  Thus this revised course will emphasize on the curriculum and course outline. The requirements and other preliminaries as stated in the “Guidelines” are still valid.

It is proposed then to look at 5 Units for the Lay Readers Course:

1.         Theological / Biblical
2.         Historical
3.         Liturgical
4.         Pastoral
5.         Practicum

i)  What is Worship? Biblical Understanding
ii) Worship & Theology
iii) Word & Sacraments
iv) The 31 Articles of Faith
v)  The Marks of the Church

i)  History of Anglican Worship
ii) History of Reformation
iii) History of Church of England
iv) Liturgical Reformation by Cranmer
v) History of Province of SEA

i)  Principles of Anglican Liturgical Worship
ii) Book of Common Prayer
iii) Anglican Liturgical Year
iv) The Holy Communion Service
v) Non- Holy Communion Worship
vi) Introducing variations and fresh expression

i) Preparing Baptism & Confirmation Candidates
ii) Personal Evangelism for the Local Church
iii) Discipleship for Local Church
iv) How to Preach Effectively
v) Spiritual Formation of the believer

i) Preparation of the Lord’s Table for Communion
ii) How to assist at the Communion Service
iii) How to Lead Services
iv) How to lead Intercessions
v) How to lead a Home Fellowship Group
vi) How to do Visitation

Rev. Fred David
11 August 2018


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Eastern Archdeaconry
Southern Archdeaconry
Lower North Archdeaconry
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