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Message from the Archbishop.

The Church must continually be meeting the needs in the world in order to grow.  We in the Diocese must find new ways to be relevant and effective in shepherding the increasing number of people in our churches.  I believe that more trained and qualified people need to be brought into the ministry to fulfill this ask before us.  Thus the setting up of AIM (Anglican Institute of Ministry) will offer many who feel the call to serve the Lord but are unable to go into full-time theological training, a meaningful track to take.  It is the desire of our Diocese to train, equip and release our people to be intentional disciples of the Lord Jesus wherever they live and work.

I invite you to be part of this new endeavor in fulfilling the Great Commission.  Here is a great opportunity to equip yourself and to be an agent of change in your local church.  You will be contributing positively to the growth of the Diocese and also living out th purpose of God in our generation.

Yours in Christ
The Most Rev Datuk Ng Moon Hing

Note:  Payments by cheque to made out in favour of :  "Diocese of West Malaysia"

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