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The missionaries of the early years have brought into this country many blessings and good works mainly through three aspects, namely education, medical and social. Two hundred odd years ago when the Anglican mission began to set foot in this part of the world, it came with the intention to bring ‘wholesome’ living to the local people. There was virtually no school or hospital or social centre except a few communal religious based small scale private school, clinic and social centres. Today we have many good mission schools, hospitals and caring centres throughout the nation. 

The Anglican Care is an umbrella body of the social arm of the Diocese of West Malaysia; now it has a membership of 18 social centres ranging from abandoned children to senior citizen homes, children with learning difficulties to workshop for disabled adult, single mothers’ ministry to soup kitchen, centre for the blind to children with multi handicaps, etc. It was established some 10 years ago. Prior to its establishment, only a few churches were having social ministry by themselves. No one really knows what they are doing and who they are catering for back then. Even after these 10 years with lots of promotion, there are still number of churches unsure of the Anglican Care and the caring ministry they are doing. The Anglican Care sets out to assist and foster in collective training, in creative expansion and in loving care. It aims:-  
Sharing of resources especially in the training of care-givers
Appreciative of the challenges of care-givers and their sacrifices
Identify suitable candidates for the caring ministry among churches
        and centres
Provide joint spiritual retreats for care-givers
Affirmation of the role and dignity of care-givers and the people they
        are caring for
Providing a larger covering for legislative and administrative purposes
Restoring the proper image and purpose of God’s creation for each

The need is great. One church or one diocese is unable to meet it. We need everyone, every effort and every ringgit to help in considering God’s supreme purpose for every individual He has created. This venture is a noble one and must be encouraged and fostered intentionally in order to conserve the little effort, energy and resources we have. 

“A little a time, a mountain in time” –  a Bahasa Malaysia proverb.

Bishop Moon Hing


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