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Spiritual Formation Platform 2018
A call to intentionally enter into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God through spiritual disciplines.

Duration: Organised as a 3 days/2 nights retreat.

Venue: Wellspring, 52, Jalan Desa 13/4, Bandar Country Homes, 48000 Rawang, Selangor. 
  • The property is a corner lot double-storey house with a modest garden in a quiet residential area. Parking is conveniently available on the adjacent road not obstructing any other residents.
  • Downstairs: Main room for meetings and worship, kitchen, preparation room, and separate room for dining; also washroom.
  • Upstairs: Bedroom 1 with en-suite shower washroom (4 persons), Bedroom 2 (3 persons), Bedroom 3 (3 persons), shower washroom, opening landing for informal area with access to balcony. All rooms are air-conditioned.
Details of the Program: A director-guide will lead in the retreat which will include
  • Meditation
  • Fasting
  • Contemplation
  • Solitude
  • Reading
  • Silence
  • Worship
  • Reflection

The SF Program will begin with the first track of four Retreats in 2017.  There are two sets of Retreat dates for SFP1: Fri – Sun, and Mon – Wed. Participants must commence with SFP1/1, and may attend the weekend or midweek retreats or a combination of both. The SFP program of four retreats is completed in one year preferably, but may be completed over 2 years if circumstances require it.

The dates for Retreats in 2018  are:

SFP1/1 12 – 14 January or 22 - 24 January  Introduction to Spiritual Formation
SFP1/2 13 - 15 April or 23 - 25 April Traditions of Christian Spirituality
SFP1/3 6 - 8 July or 16 - 18 July  Creative Spirituality
SFP1/4 5 - 7 October or 15 - 17 October Spirituality and Life

Personal Silent Retreats 2018:

26 - 28 February or 2 - 4 March : In the quiet place
1 - 3 June or 4 - 6 June: Walk by the Spirit 3 - 5 September or 7 - 9 September: In the Psalms - seasons of the soul
3 - 5 December or 7 - 9 December Hear what the Spirit is saying

Each Retreat is fully residential and will be held entirely at Wellspring, including daily worship, guided talks, individual time, some times of silence, and opportunity for spiritual refreshment and quiet. Food will be catered in. Special dietary needs should be stated in the registration.

Contact Details:  Interested candidates are required to directly contact the Director-Guide for the Spiritual formation Retreat:
Rev. David Cox
Contact No: 010-2986448

Cost of each Retreat is RM150 inclusive. Participants may approach the Diocese for financial assistance (stipendiary), or their parish (non- stipendiary/LOM).

Some Practicalities
Accommodation is in shared bedrooms of a simple standard. Participants will need to bring their own personal items including towels.

Food will be catered in: 

Day 1 evening meal; Day 2 breakfast, lunch, dinner; Day 3 breakfast and lunch.  There will be coffee/tea/drinks provided for breaks, which will be available at other times also. Participants will be asked to help at meal times with setting up and clearing away; also during worship times with readings, prayers etc. Bedding is provided. Participants will be asked to make up and strip beds at the beginning and end of their stay. Daily Prayer will include morning, midday and evening prayer, and Holy Communion on the final day. The detailed program and directions to Wellspring will be sent to participants before each Retreat on receipt of their registration details.


"Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life"
Proverbs 4-23



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