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The Central Archdeaconry Women’s Committee (CAWC) organized it’s 2nd Tamil Retreat at Golden Sands Baptist Centre, Port Dickson, from Saturday 31st January to Monday 2nd February 2009. We were delighted to have 46 ladies from 8 Churches participating in this Retreat.

The Theme speaker was Rev Canon John Ganapathy, the Diocesan Missioner. He spoke on the theme “Transformation of Communities in Christ.” At the end of every session, Canon Ganapathy led the ladies in a time of prayer and many were slain in Spirit. The ladies were given a 15 minute time slot each to share their problems or seek advice and counsel individually. They were given an opportunity to pray with Canon Ganapathy for their particular needs. This was the pastoral care we could give. This proved useful as our objective was to guide the ladies in their spiritual life.

Mr. Johnny Savarimuthu, led the ladies through three sessions of self assessment and self development using various instruments and assessment tests to help them ‘discover’ and analyze themselves. The sessions were interactive enabling the ladies to plan their short term and long term goals. With this ‘discovery’, many felt equipped and motivated to serve God and the Church from where they come from in a more meaningful way.

On Sunday, we had a Holy Communion Service, officiated by Rev Canon John Ganapathy. The Retreat ended after lunch on Monday 2nd February.

Feedback from participants is positive. They benefited very much from this Retreat. Many of the ladies shared that they have NEVER been to a seaside in their life. Some of them said that they really deserved this ‘break’ from their normal routine. They felt very refreshed and geared up to get back to their churches to encourage other sisters and bring further progress in the Women’s Fellowship in their respective churches.

Mrs Nesamani Alexandor

CAWC Tamil Programme Coordinator


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