The Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia
The Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia
The Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia
Mission Sunday 2014
31 Oct 2014
BISHOP’S MESSAGE It is with great joy that as your Bishop, I make this yearly Mission Appeal to you as a Church on the F..
13 Mar 2014
Almighty God, creator of this universe, our loving and eternal Father for nothing can escape your knowledge,..
Diocesan Events for 2014
10 Jan 2014
Bahasa M'sia Board AGM at St Mary's Cathedral, KL   15 February Provincial Synod in Kuala Lu..
Diocesan Theme 2011-2020 Mission Challenge
01 Jan 2014
Diocesan Theme 2011-2020 Mission Challenge Decade of Mission and Networking One in Christ Our Mission Statement..
Diocesan Theme 2014 - Guarding The Yield
01 Jan 2014
GUARDING THE YIELD There are always many challenges when we really and seriously want to grow a church to bring Gl..
27 Sep 2013
  Lately there are lots of reports of increasing crimes in the nation while at the same time we were told by s..

November 2014 Prayer diary, click /Images/articles/P DIARY NOVEMBER 2014-2.docx

To listen to Bishop Ng Moon Hing's 2014 New Year message, please click on the following:



Bahasa Malaysia

Bishop Ng Moon Hing's Synod 2014 Presidential Address

Bishop's Ng Moon Hing Synod 2013 Presidential Address

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Download the Anglican Messenger for latest happenings & events in West Malaysia. In this Anglican Messenger: August 2014-December 2014

Some of the Topics:

Candle In The Night by the Rt Rev Datuk Ng Moon Hing - Page 3
Guarding our Faith by Rev. Nick Loi Boon Leong - Page 4
Synod 2014 by Alice Doria Muti - Page 7
24th Diocesan Golden Circle AGM 2014 by Nesamani Alexander - Page 9

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